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The Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers Association’s (Asephi) branch in Pekalongan, Central Java, has integrated QR code technology in its batik authenticity hologram.

The head of the Central Java Asephi committee, Romi Oktabirawa, told news agency Antara that the move was part of the association's aim to perfect the batik hologram developed over the past two years.

"Through the QR code, customers can directly check the products they will buy or have bought to find out whether they are original batik or not," said Romi in Pekalongan on Monday.

Romi said the QR code integration in the batik hologram would officially be announced during the 2019 Inacraft exhibition, as it was currently still in the final stage of implementation.

"We will continue to perfect this technology following a trial phase. Using it, customers can simply use their smartphones to detect whether the batik they have bought is original or not," he added.

"We will only provide a complete hologram with manufacturer information on original batik, whether stamped, hand-drawn or a combination of both. Hopefully that will help customers select original batik."

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