Mastercard and Wing partner to enhance QR payment services in Cambodia

Mastercard has joined forces with Wing Limited Specialised Bank to boost QR payment services in Cambodia.

Under the arrangement, the partners will roll out mobile-based Mastercard QR payment solution across the country.

Mastercard holders will be able to scan the QR code and process payments via their smartphone. This will enable cardholders to complete command over their transactions thereby reducing the risk of unauthorised transactions.

The QR payment services are also expected to provide merchants with a secure, fast and cost-effective alternative to cash. These digital transactions do not require a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal.

Wing CEO, Jojo Malolos said: “Wing makes this global QR payment available to all of the Cambodian population as well as international tourists alike.

“We are pretty sure that this will offer a more convenient way of mobile payment and bring our customers’ cashless experience to the next level, something they have never experienced before.”

The Mastercard QR payments solution supports cross-border transactions. Tourists visiting Cambodia will be able to make payments without facing any language hurdles.

Mastercard country manager for Indochina Winnie Wong said: “The expansion of QR technologies in Cambodia marks Mastercard’s commitment to foster an inclusive, safe and seamless digital ecosystem as well as help local merchants and consumers transact faster, more securely and cost-effectively.”

In January this year, Mastercard formed an alliance with Wing to introduce a virtual payments card in Cambodia.

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