DBS unveils red packets with QR Code

DBS Bank yesterday launched the world's first loadable QR Ang Bao.

Using the DBS PayLah! app, customers scan a Quick Response code on a DBS QR Ang Bao to load a cash value of up to $999.

The recipients can then scan the QR code with their DBS PayLah! app to receive the money instantly.

The red packets can be used by anyone with a local bank account, as long as they are a DBS PayLah! user.

DBS said the unique QR code and serial number provides added security as compared to red packets with cash, as users can easily cancel unredeemed QR Ang Baos via DBS PayLah! if they get lost or stolen.

Two packs of eight QR red packets will be given out to customers at all manned DBS/POSB branches and POSB Pop-Up ATMs islandwide, from tomorrow while stocks last.


While the DBS QR Ang Baos will be valid for use from Jan 25 to March 15, funds not redeemed by March 15 will be refunded to the givers.

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