Creator's passion for the QR Code

In 2012, the QR Code won a prize in the Media for Industry category of the Good Design Award* established in Japan to comprehensively promote industrial design. The reason that the QR Code received this award is described as follows: “Its developers took on the challenge of developing a variety of codes through designing, had the foresight to place its technologies in the public domain from the early stages of development and designed a system that has allowed natural uses of the code in people's daily lives.” Eighteen years after the creation of the QR Code, this was the first time that, apart from the QR Code’s inherent functionality, the design of methods for spreading the code's use and ways in which the code can be used was acknowledged and honored publicly.

Hara goes on to say, “Black and white codes have become so mundane now. I’d like to create more spectacular QR Codes that can stimulate people.”

In reply to a question asking him what kind of people he hopes will use the QR Code, he says:“I don’t dare specify what kind of people will use it. I just want to let a lot of people use the code, come up with new ways of using it with them, and put these ideas into practice. This is the way, I’d like to think, that evolutionary improvements have been made to the QR Code.”

And he concludes this interview by saying, “This is my policy.”
* Good Design Award: Awards initiative sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation, to comprehensively promote industrial design. Link:

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